Intelligent traffic management systems

   Urban traffic control systems

   Solar power stations

   Electric car charging stations

   Road marking, infrastructure and maintenance

   Other traffic safety measures

Urban traffic control systems

Traffic lights

Are not just red, yellow and green lights. Underneath these signals are sophisticated technologies. UAB Saugus eismas. supplies the full range of LED traffic lights from manufacturers such as Swarco or Dialight Garufo, which are leading in the European market.

Traffic light controllers

UAB “Saugus eismas” supplies traffic light controllers. Whether at small intersections or highly sophisticated traffic management systems, our traffic lights are versatile traffic control devices that not only perform traffic light switching functions, but can also collect traffic data and control traffic flows with induction, infrared and video traffic detectors. They are easy to integrate with existing systems and can be expanded at any time, for example if additional management or public transport priority is required. Special software enables operators and service personnel effectively manage and repair controllers, reconfigure them, and perform diagnostics.

Traffic monitoring and control system TMCS

The TMCS monitoring system provides efficient and inexpensive remote intersection monitoring and control over wired or wireless (GSM) data communications. This enhances road safety by timely and correct detection of faults or problems and faster elimination.

Traffic Detectors

Only accurate traffic data of traffic flows and quality indicators allows accurate control. UAB Saugus eismas offers a variety of products for collecting traffic data. Along with conventional inductive loop detectors mounted on asphalt, we offer above surface mounted detectors and wireless detectors as well as video detectors (based on image processing principles) for collecting traffic data and managing traffic at individual junctions and for incident detection in highways. Even when the illumination is low enough, the reliability of the detection of these sensors is high. Such detectors also serve other purposes, such as security and macro-control when transmitting images to a traffic control center.

Pedestrian control systems

We offer pedestrian green signals calling push buttons and acoustic signals for blind people.

Other intelligent traffic control systems

Average Speed Enforcement system SafeZone with Automated Vehicle Registration Number (ANPR) Camera Technology

Working principle:

When vehicles cross the road segment monitored by ANPR camcorders, the SafeZone system calculates the average vehicles speed on that road segment and provides reliable vehicle speed control. Only images of vehicles that exceed the speed limit applicable on that section of the road are captured. Images of vehicles that exceed the speed limit are sent remotely to the system central computer via 3G, 4G or cable communication. The SafeZone system measures speeds from 30 km / h to 230 km / h. The system can serve multiple lanes and provides reliable average speed measurement for urban, suburban and trunk roads.

Driver information systems

Driver information systems help manage and optimize transport flows. Purposefully and expediently selected information directs and distributes traffic flows and increases overall throughput. UAB Saugus eismas offers a wide range of intelligent solutions in this field, such as LED Variable Message Signs (VMS) and driver.

Road marking, infrastructure and maintenance

Installation of road guardrail systems

Road signs and other measures to improve road safety

Road signs

  • Guards rails
  • Speed bumps
  • Wheel Bumpers
  • Reflective Columns
  • Protective pedestrian fences

Marking of road surfaces with paints and polymeric materials

  • Roads and streets
  • Parking lots
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Hiking and biking trails
  • Aerodrome Runways

Installation and maintenance of street lighting systems

Installation of lighting systems for roads, streets, pedestrian crossings and parking lots

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Industry and research institutes are currently working extremely hard on developing fossil fuel-free and CO2-free vehicles.2 dujas.

We offer integrated charging stations for electric car batteries with various service charge features. These Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Stations do not damage the integrity of the street and parking infrastructure and are excellent for the environment.

Other traffic safety measures

We mount

  • Road safety warning columns
  • Speed bumps
  • Reflective Traffic Signal Column Delineators, Cat Eyes
  • Road safety and deceleration islands

Solar power

Information coming soon…